Friday, February 5, 2010

DON'T batter my heart...

Act gently with my heart, three-personed God,

For while sinning others beg for your wrath,

Believing death the quickest to salvation’s path,

I request of You, that my deeds will be laud.

My devotion to You, never has your enemy thawed.

Sinners see God’s imprisonment as freedom; hath

I, like a sovereign village to your commonwealth,

Shall repent myself for my characters you see flawed.

Yet, I should hope that you may love me even still,

For my unchanging loyalty you have seen, I possess

Delight in my free will and faith in your just skill.

Still, fear in You consumes many I must confess,

Because even though a dog may treat life as a game,

It shall always strive to please its master just the same.